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Luminaire Design


Intelligent design offering Latest technical and Conponents.

Lamp Testing


 Full Testing -Eletrical ,Lumen and Lifespan testing.



 Top brands -CREE LED,Driver plus Full Aging.

Project Mgnt

Each  processes under Our Control.

Your Reliable Manufacturer in China.

We are experienced in different Lighting, especially LED Outdoor Lighting,Demostic Lighting,Commercial Lighting,Retail  and accessories. Our technical experts LIA certificated are happy to serve.

Read the latest testimonials from our dedicated Customers:

I know VOne more than five years, I have to say Great services! Fast deliveries! I recommend this company.
Elias, Vision FE.
They have really great supply network from raw materials to finished goods in different industries.
Neill , Sfast .
You can force on your core businesses and VOne will take care of your supply chain. They really help for my business .
Paul S from EGYPT .

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